A successful resolution to a divorce requires legal assistance

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It is an unfortunate reality that many marriages in Louisiana and across the U.S. will end in divorce. Statistically, divorce is at least as likely as a successful marriage. People get married for a variety of reasons and, as time passes, they find that the relationship is not working. That could be for serious issues like abuse or infidelity, or it could be due to the simple fact that people grew apart and found they wanted different things from life. Just as the reasons for a divorce will differ, so will the aspects of each individual circumstance. To address all the issues in a way that suits the needs of the situation, it is imperative to have legal assistance.

When there is a divorce with significant property and assets as part of the marriage, property division will come to the forefront. Perhaps there was a prenuptial agreement that one side wants to ensure is adhered to and the other is contesting. Homes, automobiles, retirement accounts, bank accounts, a business and financial portfolios could be in dispute. To split these items fairly and protect personal interests, it is wise to have legal advice.

Children and custody are also topics that can cause strife in a divorce proceeding. If both parents want custody, that can lead to a long-term dispute. Once the custody is determined, visitation rights will be a factor. Also concerning is spousal support and child support. Although some cases can be settled amicably with agreements prior to going to trial, other cases need to be decided upon by a judge. Regardless, it is always a good decision to have the case analyzed by a qualified family law firm to understand what steps are needed and to be fully protected.

People who are getting a divorce will rarely have a full understanding of the law in terms of all these considerations. Mistakes are common when trying to settle a divorce proceeding without legal help. When thinking about a divorce, if the decision to end the marriage has already been made or the process is underway, calling a law firm that has a history and extensive experience in providing guidance throughout the divorce process is a must. A consultation with a divorce attorney is the first step.

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