Fathers need to be in their kids’ lives

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In custody disputes, the stereotypical spotlight historically seemed to gravitate toward mothers, overshadowing the role of fathers. Louisiana courts do recognize that children usually benefit from having strong connections with both of their parents.

Child’s health

Attending medical appointments demonstrates a commitment to the child’s well-being and provides evidence of a father’s active involvement in health care decisions. Judges often consider the emotional and physical health of the child when making custody decisions. This is because studies show that children benefit from a relationship with both parents.

Educational involvement

School plays an important role in a child’s development. Fathers who actively participate in their child’s education allow the child to feel the support of his or her father.

Attending school conferences, talking with teachers and staying informed about a child’s academic progress signal a father’s interest. These actions can lead to a stronger parent-child relationship.


About 23.1% of the population in Louisiana is younger than 18. Many of these children have parents in custody disputes.

Consistency matters in any custody disagreement. Fathers who consistently attend medical appointments, school conferences and the like show their consistent involvement in their child’s life. This regular presence establishes an emotional connection to the child and contributes to the child’s well-being and development.

Children should have a relationship with both parents. Fathers can not only nurture a stronger bond with their children but also enhance the resiliency of the children by participating the the lives of their children.

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