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At the Bertuccini Law Firm, we understand that the courts do not care what you and the other parent want. If you are willing to accept what the science says about providing what your children need to thrive, our counselors at law will point you in the direction of winning at life. And yes, despite it all, your child could still be president one day.

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Family Law

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Practical Solutions For Your Family

Attorney Paula Boagni Bertuccini founded this law firm to provide clients with a professional, focused and effective legal resource to solve their family-related problems. At Bertuccini Law Firm, our lawyers know how personal and stressful your family law problems can be for you. We will take the time to learn about your values, your future goals and your individual disputes to craft personalized solutions to champion effective solutions.

Our aim is to help you find the best outcome possible for challenging obstacles that involve sorting out child custody matters or dividing community property. We are here to assist you with any combination of family law matters, including adoption or domestic violence.

When you engage the Bertuccini Law Firm for help with resolving disputes involving your children or soon-to-be-ex partner or spouse, you will be working with exceptional family law attorneys who will tell you like it is. We will lay it all out in front of you: your options, potential outcomes for the various choices you could make and what decisions will help your children – and you – shine in the light of the future you deserve.

A wise judge told me, “(many) women need to know that they will have financial and emotional support from their coparent; men need to feel respected and appreciated.” If those two things are freely given, you can coparent.

– Attorney Paula Bertuccini

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Paula Boagni Bertuccini

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Derek B. Hebert


Bring Up Healthy Children Despite Multifaceted Disputes

Most parents want their children to be happy, healthy, resilient and successful in life. But when conflicts arise and divorce or separation are imminent, well-meaning parents can easily get off track. Family disputes may involve assets, finances, domestic abuse and parent-child relationships. Arguments can get ugly, and what is best for the children can shrink from view. At Bertuccini Law Firm, our attorneys will bring what is best for your child back into focus.

Sometimes, parents need reminders that it is still their job to appropriately parent their children despite their inability to communicate with one another. It is their duty to fix the conflict so that they can be good parents and meet the needs of their children. We provide a full spectrum of legal counsel to help our clients create healthy environments in which to raise their children. If a third party, such as a professional therapist, is necessary, our attorneys will tell you so.

Our lawyers can help you create a strong future with a multifaceted strategy to address disappointments and disagreements head-on through negotiation outside of the courtroom. This, in turn, can help control the financial burden and emotional scarring of divorce or separation.

A broken relationship does not have to hurt your children. If you can protect your children from conflict, you can still raise a president.

– Attorney Paula Bertuccini

We fight tooth and nail to resolve issues without placing the decision into the hands of a judge. When litigation is necessary, attorney Paula Boagni Bertuccini and our team draw on our local courtroom experience intelligently battle for effective outcomes for clients and their children.

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