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Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

Divorce is a major change and can be as stressful as a death. The future a person imagined for themselves is suddenly uncertain. We support our clients through the experience and strive to make it a change for a better future. We begin by taking the time to listen carefully as you explain the reasons behind your separation. Next, we can help you stabilize your home, identify your goals, and determine the best way to help you achieve them. We then put our legal experience to work as we try to negotiate an agreement that everyone can live with. If negotiations break down or are simply not an option, we are prepared to protect your interests in court.

 We Help Resolve All Louisiana Divorce-Related Issues

Our attorneys and team provide comprehensive family law representation designed to resolve all of your divorce-related issues, including:

Child custody and visitation: Custody matters are often the most contentious aspect of any divorce proceeding and are our forte. We will work hard to help you achieve the custody and visitation plan that will help you raise resilient, well-grounded children. We never lose focus on the best interests of your child. We have extensive experience in cases where parental alienation is suspected.

Child support: State guidelines can provide a general idea of what you may expect to receive or pay in child support. However, there are always exceptions, and a deviation from the guidelines is a possibility. Whether you are seeking support payments or are being asked to make payments, we will work toward an agreement that ensures your children will have the financial support they need.

Spousal support or alimony: Spousal support, formally called alimony, is designed to maintain the standard of living prior to the separation of the parties to the extent possible. It is based on the requesting party’s need and the other party’s ability to pay. These payments are usually temporary and may be awarded to either spouse. It may be possible to seek a modification of spousal support if one party’s circumstances have changed.

Property division: In Louisiana, the default rule is that both parties have an equal interest in any assets earned or debt incurred throughout the marriage. Property division can be complicated, especially when it involves significant assets. Our experience is needed to protect your interests when dividing property.

Domestic violence issues: Domestic violence allegations are common, and we have vast experience representing both victims of domestic abuse as well as defendants of false allegations. We work with victims of domestic abuse to create safety plans and take advantage of special protections for victims under Louisiana law and jumpstart rehabilitation for offenders before they come before the Court.

A Different Approach To Resolving Divorce Disputes

We work with our clients holistically to resolve difficult issues in divorce through planning and strategy We value our relationships with many opposing counsels and we always attempt to settle issues to avoid the emotional and financial costs of litigation for our clients; however, if there must be a trial, our attorneys are experienced and able to present your case for the best possible outcome.

Our founding attorney, Paula Boagni Bertuccini, is more than just a strong divorce lawyer. She serves as an advisor and counselor to our clients to pursue outcomes that work in the real world. She has a strong command of Louisiana family law. But she does not stop there, she looks at the core of the real-world dispute to protect the futures of the children, and leave clients in a better place when the divorce is final. Our goal is that everyone leaves our office better than when they came.

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