3 ways to reconnect with your kids after your divorce

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If you have been through a bitter divorce, you may be experiencing both numbness and exhaustion. After all, a toxic divorce can consume a substantial amount of anyone’s emotional energy. Your children may also be reeling from the end of your marriage, potentially even distancing themselves from you and your ex-spouse.

As a caring parent, you play an important role in the mental well-being of your children. If you are looking to reconnect with your kids after your divorce, you may want to try three strategies.

1. Talk with your children

While talking with your kids may sound obvious, you may not know what to say.. Still, one of the more effective ways to reconnect with the young ones in your family is to reestablish lines of communication. Even though it is important to have meaningful conversations, you should not overlook the value of chit-chat.

2. Participate in activities that interest them

Just like adults, kids have passions and interests. What appeals to your children may have changed significantly since you began your divorce proceedings, however. Therefore, when you are becoming reacquainted, it may be helpful to learn about your children’s interests and participate in activities with them.

3. Do not expect overnight results

Even under ideal circumstances, children can be moody. If your kids are still adjusting to the end of your marriage, they may feel anger or resentment. It may take a while to work through these emotions, so you should not expect overnight results.

Ultimately, by patiently and diligently working on reconnecting with your kids, you are likely to build a solid foundation for your future relationship.

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