3 social media behaviors that can harm you during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2022 | Divorce

Like so many other people in the modern era, social media is likely a huge part of your everyday life. Your social activity may be so integrated into your routine that you might not think twice about what you say or do online during your divorce.

Anything posted online has the potential to be presentable to a divorce court. For that reason, there are certain social media behaviors you should avoid so as to not harm your case throughout the proceedings.


Whether on traditional social media or through dating apps, flirtatious behavior and outright dating can hurt your divorce case. Your spouse could attempt to use your new relationship as a basis for contesting your child custody rights, or they might try to prove that you are spending marital assets on an affair.


A social post is a convenient platform for venting your feelings, but this may lead to public arguments with your spouse that can prolong your divorce or harm your case. Unfriending your spouse may seem like a viable workaround, but mutual friends could still share information from your account.

Deleting your account

Because the contents of your social media account are usable as digital evidence, deleting your account can be an illegal act of spoiling evidence. This is especially the case if domestic abuse or harassment are topics of discussion during your divorce proceedings.

If you do decide to continue using social media as your divorce continues, it is important to think about how your interactions might be detrimental to you. Consider consulting with your divorce attorney to receive guidance on what you should not post online while your case is ongoing.

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