Tips for talking to your children about your divorce

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When parents decide to separate, talking to children about the process may feel impossible. Even when the divorce allows you and your spouse to move forward in a better direction, your children may not understand.

Speaking to children throughout your divorce may take some time to adjust to. While their ages determine how much they understand, you still have a responsibility to shield them from the negative ramifications as much as possible. Discover some tips for talking with children about divorce.

Remain positive and honest

Splitting up does not happen in a vacuum, and there were probably signs that divorce was on the horizon. Talk to your children early in the process. Remain positive and reinforce the fact that the relationship between you as parents is changing, but your love for them is not. If both parents have the conversation together, it may prove more beneficial.

Do not put them in the middle

One of the pitfalls of divorce with children is that, at times, you may feel frustrated with your ex and want to tell the world. You may feel compelled to share details with your children that may make them feel like they are in the middle of their parents. Doing this puts a burden on them and deepens their anxiety and fear of abandonment. Your children should not play the part of a therapist or mediator.

Setting your children up for a healthy relationship with both parents is a responsibility you should take seriously. Keep the guilt to a minimum and share only those things that are essential for fostering a positive child-parent relationship.

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