Positive communication during a divorce

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Divorce causes significant financial and emotional stress. However, when you have children, you have to concern yourself with their well-being as well as your own.

One of the worst things you can do includes speaking negatively about your spouse, the divorce or life in general in front of your children. Therefore, these are some positive communication strategies you may consider.

Be open with your spouse

Open communication is the basis for relationships. Even if you had difficulty communicating during your marriage, you need to be open during your divorce. This openness will allow you to avoid hostility and disagreements that can lead to bitterness, which you may not have the ability to hide from your children. When everything is out in the open, especially regarding your roles, expectations and responsibilities, you can focus on positive things in front of your children.

Focus on reassurance

Your children feel your anxiety and their own during a divorce. They have very real fears, and they may think that they will not see you or your spouse anymore or very often. In fact, they may even think that your divorce is their fault. Therefore, present a united front as you reassure them, acting and speaking in a way that assuages their fears and anxiety.

Speak with respect and kindness

When you speak to your spouse in front of your children, speak with respect and kindness. Do not discuss problems, complaints or other negative things. Instead, focus on positive topics. Get excited about your children’s opportunity to spend time with your spouse, and ask them about their time away.

You do not want them to feel torn between the two of you or that they would betray you if they love their other parent. Therefore, stay positive in front of your children.

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