Is the ‘7-year itch’ real in Louisiana marriages?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Divorce

As it turns out, the “seven-year itch” might be more than the title of a movie from 1955. U.S. Census data suggests that divorcing American couples stay together for about eight years before ending things.

According to Psychology Today, first marriages for divorcing couples last about 8.2 years. If you subtract the time for waiting periods (such as the 180 or 365 days you are required to wait in Louisiana) and negotiate settlements for property division, child custody and so on, you would have about seven years from the wedding date to the time one of the spouses files for divorce.

Why seven-ish years?

Why is this? Some experts say that as adults, our lives move in roughly six- to 10-year cycles. The first seven years or so tend to be a period of stability; same relationships, living in the same part of the country and working in the same industry, if not the same employer or job. After that often comes a few years of restlessness and transition to the next phase of life. This can include having children, changing careers — or, if there are problems in your marriage, seeking a divorce. This cycle continues throughout your life, according to this theory.

Nothing is written in stone

Of course, being married for seven years is not a sure marker that your marriage is in trouble. Many people in Lafayette have been happily married for much longer. And many marriages collapse far before the seventh anniversary. Whenever divorce comes, you need honest, practical and reliable advice from an experienced family law attorney. They can help you fight for your top priorities, such as a reasonable division of assets and the best possible child custody arrangement.

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