How to help your children through your divorce

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Divorce can bring up a myriad of emotions and challenges, but it is especially challenging for children. In fact, children often find it difficult to understand and process their feelings.

Therefore, as parents, you need to help your children through your divorce. These are some strategies to help.

Prepare your children

Avoid making major moves without warning your children. This includes you or your spouse moving out of the house. If you sell your family home and everyone has to move, warn your children. Make sure they feel secure about having a home and place to sleep. Bring their possessions with you if you move, surrounding them with familiar things.

Communicate openly

Your children need you to explain things to them. Talk to them about the divorce, but do so using words that they understand. Assure them that they are not responsible and that you and your former spouse love them. Discuss their emotions, and show them that what they feel is natural.

Pursue effective co-parenting strategies

Do your best to co-parent your children. Never criticize or share negative thoughts or stories about your spouse with your children, and do not argue in front of them. Set a definite schedule and stick to it.

Consider family counseling

If your children need additional support, consider family counseling. Both parents should participate in counseling with their children. Do not hesitate to rely on family and friends to help you and your kids through this transition. Also, speak with your children’s school counselors and teachers about what is happening.

Being mindful of your children and staying supportive can help ease your kids’ anxiety, which will make navigating the divorce easier for everyone involved.

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