How can same-sex stepparent adoption benefit children?

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In Louisiana, a stepparent can adopt the biological child of their partner, as long as they and their partner are legally married. This is sometimes called intrafamily adoption and applies to same-sex couples as well. The family dynamics of couples who are LGTBQ are just as varied as those of heterosexual couples, but in general, stepparent adoptions are beneficial to the children in the family.

What are some of the ways that same-sex stepparent adoption benefits children in Louisiana?

Provides another legal tie to the child

Once a stepparent adopts a child, they have all of the same legal rights as a biological parent. This is greatly beneficial in many scenarios. For instance, say a child and their biological parent become injured in an accident and both go to the hospital, and the stepparent is the child’s only other relative who is close by. Adoption makes it much easier for the stepparent to visit the child in the hospital and even allows them to make medical decisions for the child if needed.

Provides the child with a sense of security

Children who have same-sex parents may face bullying and ostracization from other adults in their families. Same-sex stepparent adoption allows a child to have another stable adult in their life. This benefit is especially true when the nonbiological parent is just as involved in the child’s life and the adoption process as the biological parent.

When a nonbiological stepparent in a same-sex marriage is aware of the benefits of stepparent adoption, they can make a more informed choice about the matter.

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