Tips for co-parenting with a toxic former spouse

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A divorce in Louisiana can be bearable if you’re still on good terms with your former spouse. If you’re dealing with a toxic or abusive spouse, however, issues like child support and visitation rights can become stressful and frustrating. If the court ordered that they have partial custody, you know you can’t deny them the right to see their child. But how can you protect yourself and your child from your toxic spouse?

How to co-parent with a toxic spouse

When dealing with child custody matters, you have to abide by the judge’s decision. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t request a modification. With the help of an attorney, you could go back to court and request a modification in the custody agreement. Keep in mind that you might have to provide evidence showing that your former spouse is an unfit parent.

You should also set boundaries and keep communication to a minimum, if possible. If you have a joint custody arrangement or your former spouse has visitation rights, you won’t be able to avoid communication with them entirely. You can use a third-party app to talk to your former spouse so that you don’t have to give them your phone number or add them on social media. If they try any toxic behavior with you, shut the conversation down immediately. They might use it against you if you engage with them.

You could also hire an attorney to help you defend yourself against false allegations. Your former spouse might hurl a variety of accusations at you, ranging from adultery to child abuse. You can’t deal with every accusation, but an attorney might help you deal with serious allegations.

How could an attorney help you in this situation?

If you’re dealing with a toxic former spouse, your attorney could help you protect yourself if they go too far. They could also help you request a child custody modification to try to keep them away from your child as much as possible. If necessary, they might help you file a restraining order against them to protect yourself.

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