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Child custody is one of the most common reasons for disagreement when a Louisiana couple ends their marriage. There can be many justifications for each side to want to have custody of the child, but regardless of why, it is always critical for the parties to have legal assistance to achieve a favorable outcome. This might result in both parties having an equal amount of time with the child, one having the bulk of the custody, or a parent not having custody or visitation at all. The circumstances of each case will determine how the situation will be decided.

There are many factors the court considers in a child custody case. These include the child’s connection to each parent and the amount of care, love and affection given; if the parents have the ability and willingness to provide the child with the necessary guidance; if the basics, such as food, shelter, education and medical care are available; how long the child has been in a stable and safe environment and how that can be maintained; how the family functioned as a unit; if the parents are morally and ethically able to serve the child’s needs; the physical and mental health of the parties, and more.

Another consideration with child custody is whether the parents are willing to work with each other to ensure the relationship with the other parent is not damaged by lingering tensions. It is important that the child forge a relationship with both parents if it is safe to do so. A parent who is constantly making negative comments or seeking to poison the relationship between the child and the other parent can cause substantial damage.

With all the potential challenges that arise with divorcing parents and a child custody case, it is essential to have legal assistance from the beginning. The child’s needs are paramount, and from the outset, calling a qualified law firm experienced in child custody cases can smooth the process for everyone involved.

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