The unlucky ways social media affects a person’s divorce

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Social media has made a person’s life an open book most of the time. Dirty laundry is easily aired out through ambiguous or direct posts and photos. The simplicity of succumbing to emotion through an impulsive post is all too easy, but you might suffer the consequences later in court.

Why is it so important to keep your private life private? Well, the reasons are countless when it comes to social media. Couples going through a divorce usually share family members as their “friends” on social media platforms. This makes sharing information even more sensitive when others are viewing and responding to your expressed thoughts and statements.

Online evidence

What you post is most often permissible as evidence in court. Even if posts are quickly taken down, they might have been screenshot and saved as evidence against the other spouse/parent in the divorce case. Your posts and shares can be used against you in terms of child custody, assets, and more.

Hiding assets found out

When couples are divorcing without a prenup agreement, all traces of shared assets must be accounted for. However, transferring money through apps and instructing others on how to hide assets for them can be communicated through social media outlets. Divorce often ignites the worst in people, most of all in deception. The obligation of the court is to uphold the law of the land. This includes honoring all procedures to seek out true amounts of shared assets. It is worse for the person attempting to hide money or assets when they are found out.

It is easy to get online and share, post, and disclose sensitive information pertaining to your divorce. Vindictive behavior and pride is commonly what drives social media involvement. Unfortunately, what is posted often hurts the person posting it. It is better to stay offline as much as possible when you are going through a divorce. You never know who is watching what you are posting and will be using it against you in court.

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