Are you eligible to receive spousal support after your divorce?

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If you are considering a divorce, you may worry about the financial implications of starting over without your partner, particularly if you limited your career options to support your family at home. 

In Louisiana, you may be eligible to receive alimony depending on the unique circumstances of your marriage and divorce. Here are a few key considerations courts consider when awarding spousal support. 

Financial circumstances

Your financial situation will have a significant impact on whether you receive alimony after a divorce. Judges will consider your individual incomes and earning potential. 

Duration of marriage

The duration of the marriage will impact how much and how long you receive support. Longer marriages typically result in more favorable alimony awards. Additionally, judges will factor in your ages at the time of the separation. 

Contributions to the marriage

The contributions that each partner makes to the marriage will factor heavily into determining if your partner owes you spousal support. These contributions do not have to be financial. Courts will look at the total support of all kinds that spouses brought to the union. 


Whether you or your spouse are at fault for the divorce will impact whether your spouse will need to pay spousal support. In Louisiana, adultery and felony convictions, among other reasons, are grounds for divorce. If you are at fault, you are likely ineligible for alimony. 

In addition to deciding whether you shoulder receive alimony, courts will also consider how long and how much your payments are for. Legal counsel can help you understand what your alimony may look like. 

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