What should I know about Louisiana protective orders?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Protective Orders

It is unfortunate that some Louisiana residents must suffer from domestic violence. People confronted with this behavior will often be completely unaware of how they can go about putting a stop to it. While many might believe that legal intervention is ineffective, it is imperative to get the situation on the record and have the alleged abuser understand that there will be consequences if the abuse continues. One strategy to use when dealing with abuse is to get a protective order.

For protective orders to be effective, it is important to understand the basics about them. With a protective order, the person who is named cannot come within a specified distance of the person who requests and receives the order. If the order is violated, it can result in an arrest and criminal charges.

The order can do the following: prevent contact between the alleged abuser and the victim; stop the abuser from living in the same residence as the victim; and prevent the abuser from going to the school, workplace or any other location where the victim is. Regarding children, it can order temporary custody to the parent who sought the order. It can state that the alleged abuser must take part in counseling. Property can be awarded as part of the order. The order can last for six months, but it can be extended as needed. Violating the order can result in a fine of $500 and six months in jail.

When confronted with abuse in the home, it is wise to know how to be protected. While it might be intimidating to take the step, discussing protective orders with a law firm experienced in all aspects of family law can be useful. The first step is the hardest, but calling for a consultation is a wise decision to achieve protection for the abused person and their children.

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