Statistics show rise in divorces as summer concludes

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Divorce

Louisianans experiencing problems in their marriage are unlikely to correlate their decision with the time of year. However, statistics indicate that there are certain points in the year when people are more likely to divorce. There is evidence that one of those times is in August.

A University of Washington study indicates that the end of summer leads to a peak in divorces. Couples often believe that the enjoyable times of summer can repair marital woes. Unfortunately, once the same problems that were present in previous months arise again, the couple find that they are disappointed. With the summer change in routine, it can actually highlight disputes and make them worse.

If children are of college age and leave home, a married couple could find themselves alone more often. Once they realize their marriage has no future without children in the home, they choose to part ways. Couples who know their marriage is ending might want to have a summer together as a family to give children one last good memory before the unavoidable changes that accompany a divorce.

Beginning divorce proceedings in August allows children to prepare for the holidays with time to spare. Because holidays are especially difficult for families that have come apart recently, this is a step some take to ease the transition. Finally, people might meet a new person during the summer. Since infidelity is a fundamental reason for many divorces, this can be the impetus for couples to move on.

Divorce is rarely easy and there are many considerations that must be factored in. When thinking about a divorce, a law firm should be called to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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